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PwC's IFRS blog [EN]

There’s a remarkable consensus in the IFRS world that we have a problem with disclosure. There’s a problem with the problem, though, as was very evident from the IASB Disclosure Forum at the end of January: there is no consensus...
IASB/FASB convergence suffers its own impairment loss
So, like many in Europe I headed off on summer holidays thinking the Boards (IASB and FASB) have been working harmoniously on their financial instruments project and that we might yet have convergence, only to come back and find out...
Are you truly happy with your accounting framework?
IFRS has plenty of critics around the world. We know that the standards aren’t perfect, but much of the criticism that we hear is unfair and ill-informed. In this blog, I put you in the capable hands of my colleague,...

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