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Team Australia wins the 2013 KPMG Business Challenge
Announcing the winner of the 2013 KPMG International Case Competition.
Global M&A activity still weak, but high growth markets more resilient
KPMG International's latest High Growth Markets International Acquisition Tracker shows that acquirers in developed markets are still cautious about pursuing cross-border M&A opportunities in high growth markets.
KPMG captures two International Accounting Bulletin awards
Awarded “Sustainable Firm of the Year” and “Social Networking Champion,” KPMG is the only multiple winner in the 2013 competition.
IASB releases long-awaited revised proposals on accounting for impairment of loans and other financial assets, moving to an expected loss model
The IASB has issued proposals on accounting for the impairment of financial assets. KPMG says that the proposals are a 'step change' in accounting for impairment and would have a significant impact on banks and similar financial institutions.
KPMG Urges Regulatory Reform on Systemic Risk for Insurers
A new report from KPMG International finds that the current consultation on financial resolution for global insurers is a crucial step for European and international convergence and calls for an insurance-specific framework.
Business leaders call for changes to corporate reporting
The future of corporate reporting: towards a common vision - contains the views of influential figures from key different vantage points in the financial chain: preparers, users, standard-setters, regulators, auditors.
Business and it leaders cite implementation and integration as the biggest challenges of cloud adoption, finds KPMG survey
Business and IT leaders across the globe are finding cloud adoption to be more complicated than many had originally anticipated, according to a report from KPMG International.
Women at Davos forum increase their influence through social media, according to KPMG
New data from KPMG shows that women delegates are playing an increasingly prominent role in the public discussion from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.
Companies from the US, Germany and South Korea are top gold medal winners for sustainable business according to The Sustainability Yearbook 2013
Companies from the US, Germany and South Korea are at the top of the 2013 international gold medal-table for sustainable business, according to The Sustainability Yearbook 2013.
Lack of Long-term, Disciplined Policies Threatens to Worsen Sovereign Debt Woes: KPMG Report
The roots of the current sovereign debt crisis do not solely lie in the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, according to a new report from KPMG International.
Chinese Luxury Consumers are Increasingly Purchasing Overseas; Cosmetics, Watches and Bags are Their Top Choices, finds KPMG Survey
The number of travelling Mainland Chinese continues to rise and global luxury brands are subsequently adapting their business strategies, both in China and in their home markets, according to KPMG's sixth annual publication on the sector.
Global M&A market says 'welcome back' to confidence
KPMG International's latest Global M&A Predictor shows that the confidence to undertake significant M&A is predicted to return to the world's largest companies, according to the latest analyst predictions.
China, Brazil and Singapore Lead Consumption of Digital Media and the Willingness to Pay for It
Urban consumers in China, Brazil and Singapore are proving to be the world’s most voracious users of digital media, powered by the rapid uptake of smartphones and tablets according to the KPMG International 2013 Digital Debate.
A unique way to join the social media conversation at Davos
WEFlive.com, a social media aggregation site that provides a simple way to follow and interact with Twitter conversations from delegates to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, January 23 – 26, 2013
Corporate vs. indirect tax: how will governments, companies and individuals react to changes occurring world wide
The KPMG Corporate and Indirect Tax Rate Survey shows that corporate and indirect tax rates are in a constant state of change as governments look to increase indirect rates to raise revenue but to decrease corporate tax rates to attract investment.

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